In the very first post for this section, I am reviewing a book written by legendary Australian cricket journalist and writer, Gideon Haigh on the legendary leg spinner Shane Warne, titled “On Warne”.


This is special to me as it’s the starting point of everything I am doing now. There was a cricket discussion at Oxford book store in Delhi in 2014 with Gideon Haigh as chief guest and another legendary journalist Mr. Shekhar Gupta as the moderator. All 25 odd people present there were cricket lovers and I could feel myself belonging there. I bought the book and it happened to be my first cricket reading and the first autographed one. The discussion went really well with Mr. Haigh having reasonable answers to all questions thrown at him by the audience. What’s More! He was happy being clicked and signing his book for us.

What it talks about:

Being a journalist, author had known the cricketer for years and that helped him write things about him which are not known to common public or a die hard fan for that matter. Though most people would say Shane Warne’s life is an open book with all the scandals, public speaking etc. No doubt he was one character who always made headlines. And why not! He is the one who bowled the ball of the century that also happened to be his very first ball in his Ashes career.

Mr. Haigh has divided the book in five different sections.

  1. The Making of Warne
  2. The Art of Warne
  3. The Men of Warne
  4. The Trials of Warne
  5. The Sport of Warne


To be continued…