About Us

Digi Pavilion is a product of pure passion for sports. It is a contribution of an avid sports fan towards the sports fraternity. With a primary goal of providing top-notch sports content, Digi Pavilion strives to promote the sport right where it begins – the grassroots.

Digi Pavilion is by the fans and for the fans. It is a platform to express opinions and write meaningful content about anything and everything related to sports.


Digi Pavilion aims to become the one-stop destination for a sports fan who wants to consume content which is beyond an international match report. It is for the fans who wants to feel the sport and stay connected beyond just watching the game on their TV sets.

Focus Areas:

  1. Local Cricket News
  2. Sports Book Reviews
  3. Academies, Coaches & Grounds
  4. Sports Events & Conferences
  5. Sports Cafes & Live Screenings
  6. Sports Gear & Fashion
  7. Fitness & Training
  8. Guest Blogs
  9. Sports Education
  10. Sports Photography