About Us

The uncovered, untouched avenues of cricket are behind the conceptualization of DIGI PAVILION. It’s a product of pure passion for sports. It’s a contribution of an avid sports fan to the sports fraternity.


WE, at DIGI PAVILION, aim to achieve the pinnacle of covering the sport right i.e. at the grassroots. WE work to PLAN, PRESENT and PROMOTE the top notch sports perennially being played and gaining momentum across the globe.


DIGI PAVILION works with an underlying objective of providing content with utmost consumer-connectivity. The virtual space aims to become a one stop destination for all those who follow sports across time and space. Our focus areas are:

  • Local Cricket News
  • Sports Book Reviews
  • Academies, Coaches and Grounds
  • Sports Events and Conferences
  • Sports Cafes and Live Screenings
  • Sports Gear and Fashion
  • Fitness and Training
  • Guest Blogs
  • Sports Education
  • Sports Photography

DIGI PAVILION is by the fans and for the fans. A platform to express opinions, write and share meaningful content about anything and everything related to sports.